Visitor Guideline

·        Access to the collections is by appointment only.

·        Normal visiting hours are 09.00 to 17.00. Visitors who wish to come in before 09.00 and/or stay after 17.00 must make arrangements with the staff.

·        Please sign the visitor book.

·        Please do not eat in the collection store or keep drinks near the specimens.

·        Species are arranged by alphabetically order.

·        Don’t leave specimens uncovered when not in use – place in a herbarium folder.

·        If you find any insects or evidence of pest damage tell a curator.

·        If you wish to take photographs or digital images of specimens, please discuss your request with the curator.

·        Do not write directly on the herbarium sheets: use determination or annotation labels and the glue supplied

·        You may attach your own determination/annotation slips after consulting a curator

·        Re-determined specimens should be left out for a curator to refile.

·        If you find unannotated types, annotate these and leave them out for a curator.

·        You must seek permission from the curator before removing samples of material for anatomical, DNA or other study.